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OPEN 2020 Webinar - Vocdoni as an engagement tool for cooperatives
In this webinar we hear from Ferran Reyes of Vocdoni. Vocdoni is a FLOSS project building a privacy-centric platform for digital governance using digital voting with maximum guarantees of anonymity, and a toolset to manage the relationship of organizations...
OPEN 2020 Webinar – Holochain
In this webinar we hear from Grace Rachmany, Hedayat Abedijoo and Guillem Cordoba about Holochain. Holochain enables a distributed web with user autonomy built directly into its architecture and protocols. Distributing the storage and processing of data...
OPEN 2020 Webinar – SourceCred
Inn this OPEN 2020 Webinar we hear from Dandelion Mane at SourceCred and discuss how we can reward collaboration. SourceCred is building a new way measure and reward value. They are building new kinds of communities: open-source projects in which anyone...
OPEN 2020 Webinar – Open Collective
In this third intro webinar of OPEN 2020 we hear from Xavier Damman, of Open Collective –  which lets groups manage their finances so everyone can see where money comes from and where it goes, without requiring the group to be an incorporated entity. Open...
OPEN 2020 Webinar – Digital Life Collective
In this second intro webinar of OPEN 2020 – Christina Bowen, Joachim Stroh and Graham Mitchell introduce the Digital Life Collective. Digital Life Collective members research, develop, fund and support Tech We Trust technologies that prioritize...
Scaling platform co-ops - lessons from
In the lead up to OPEN 2020 we spoke to Nick Meyne from Resonate, the community-owned music network. OSB: How are things going at Resonate? Is Peter Harris who spoke at OPEN 2018 still with you? NM: Peter is very much still here, but after nearly 5 years,...
OPEN 2020 Webinar – DisCos & Guerrilla Translation
Watch the first intro webinar of OPEN 2020 with Stacco Troncoso and colleagues from Guerrilla Media Collective discussing DisCos, Distributed Cooperative Organizations. The DisCO (read all about it in the DisCO Manifesto) takes a friendly but carefully...
A platform to enable communities to thrive
The Open Co-op has a vision that we have championed for some time: That an open source platform which provides all the online tools a community needs to thrive could radically catalyse collaboration at scale. We spoke to the Founder and CEO of Open Collective...
OPEN 2020 - Reinvented: Networked commons initiatives
OPEN 2020 is a collaborative online event for anyone that is interested in creating a world which places people and planet before profit. Recognising that there are hundreds of thousands of groups and communities working on this general objective…...
Decentralizing power and value using blockchain
In the run up to OPEN 2020, which will now be an online event, we caught up with Samer Hassan from P2P Models, where they are investigating decentralizing power and value to deliver the collaborative economy using blockchain. OSB: What’s the latest news...

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