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Resonation - An interview with Peter Harris
Resonate is a music streaming co-op and a great example of a platform co-op which is changing the way business works. In the run up to the OPEN 2018 Platform Co-op conference we interviewed Peter Harris, Resonate Founder and CEO. OSB: I love your #stream2own...
Decentralized co-operation at scale
The following post is transcript of a recent webinar on “Decentralized co-operation at scale. What patterns work? What are the main drivers and hindrances?” organised by our friends from the Digital Life Collective. The discussions covered...
Co-op Workers bursaries to attend OPEN 2018
The Solid Fund is offering members of worker co-ops bursaries to cover the costs of travel and tickets to the OPEN 2018 Platform Co-ops conference in London this July. Solid Fund is an excellent initiative which supports workers to own and control their...
Riverford boss to speak at OPEN 2018 about converting to employee ownership
We’re very excited to announce that Riverford Organic‘s boss, Guy Watson, will be speaking at OPEN 2018 about giving the company to the employees this summer. Check out what Guy has to say in the video below – this is the future of business;...
Hullcoin: can blockchain unlock the hidden value in Hull’s economy?
It might come as a surprise – but something innovative is happening in Hull. Hull is one of those cities, like Swindon and Slough, that’s long been the butt of jokes – like the one about the guy that typed ‘Hell’ instead of ‘Hull’ into his Sat-Nav, but...
The making of the Cooperative Cloud
Co-owned web infrastructure is a clear goal for the co-op movement. As well as ensuring our data is not abused by big corporates a co-owned ‘cloud’ of services like email, docs, spreadsheets and calendars could do wonders for collaboration. A...
Working Together - 8 innovations for coops and unions
There are now 7.1 million precarious workers in the UK. That is more than 20% of the UK workforce and the number is growing fast. Precarious workers now outnumber the 5.8 million members in trade unions (mostly in the declining public sector). A new report...
OPEN 2018 - Join us to learn about...
At OPEN 2018, one of the in-depth breakout workshops where we dig into the practicalities, will feature co-op experts explaining how to set up a co-op, how to run a successful co-op, how to convert existing businesses to co-ops and how to raise funds...
Who are the new Co-op weavers?
There’s something exciting happening in the world of co-ops which harks back to the very beginning of the movement. Although Rochdale is normally credited as the “birthplace of cooperation” records show that in 1761, sixteen weavers...
"Find the others..." at OPEN:2018
Trebor Scholz speaks at OPEN 2017 about the new role for co-ops, unions and tech within the burgeoning cooperative economy. Join us for OPEN 2018 in London in July and “find the others” that are part of this growing movement.

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