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Video: OPEN 2020 - Mutual credit deep dive
Although Mutual Credit has a strong pedigree, both theoretical and practical, it cannot be said to have ‘moved the needle’ in terms of the world economy. If we believe that mutual credit is important, that it holds a promise of deep systemic change to...
VIDEO: OPEN 2020 - Cooperation will win
Watch the Introduction to day 2 and discussion with Esther Foreman from the The Social Change Agency. Esther and team helped set up and support over 110 mutual aid groups via Open Collective during the Covid pandemic and their work, supporting people-powered...
VIDEO: OPEN 2020 - Mr Gee
At the end of Day 1 of OPEN 2020 – after 6 hours of focused discussion about co-creating the collaborative economy – it was time for something different… which came in the form of a surprise performance from Poet & Radio Presenter...
VIDEO: OPEN 2020 - Universal Basic Everything
During this session we hear from Iris Schönherr about the amazing Every One Every Day project they have been running in Barking and Dagenham, building universal basic infrastructures for peer-to-peer participation. Read more about their work and the vision...
VIDEO: OPEN 2020 - Coordination in decentralised networks
There are hundreds of thousands of groups and communities working on building a new economy, but no centralised control or coordination system – after all, that’s the whole point of a decentralised network, there shouldn’t be any central ‘nodes’! But...
VIDEO: OPEN 2020 - Tools of collaboration
Every group, project or community needs digital tools to enable collaboration. But which tools should we choose? This is the first of two sessions looking at common infrastructure for the communities and organisations that are building the new economy. See...
VIDEO: OPEN 2020 - Introducing mutual credit
What is mutual credit? How does it work? How can we enable local mutual credit networks and transition away from the present ‘debt based’ economy and start trading within networks of trust? This introductory session on mutual credit features Giuseppe...
VIDEO: OPEN 2020 - The language of the commons
“Throughout history, problems have arisen when the language used to represent reality fails to meet the needs and aspirations of people.” David Bollier & Silke Helfrich – Free, Fair and Alive Words, terms and categories of thought isolate and...
VIDEO: OPEN 2020 Introduction
OPEN 2020 is a collaborative online event for anyone that is interested in creating a world which places people and planet before profit. In this introductory session we set the context of the event and use polls to gather feedback from attendees about...
building the commons economy - enric duran faircoin
Building the commons economy - Q&A with Enric Duran from Faircoin
In the run up to OPEN 2020 we interviewed Enric Duran, a founding member of the Catalan Integral Cooperative (CIC – Cooperativa Integral Catalana) and Faircoop, who developed the Faircoin project. OSB: How are things going with Faircoop and Faircoin? ED: ...

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