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Open : Data : Cooperatives – Synopsis
Originally published over at Open Data Manchester by Julian Tait This is a synopsis of the meeting held in Berlin that forms the basis of the upcoming Open : Data : Cooperation event on the 20th October 2014 Open : Data  : Cooperatives. On the evening...
Why We Need a New Kind of Open Cooperatives for the P2P Age
this article originally appeared on the P2P Foundation Michel Bauwens: “The cooperative movement and cooperative enterprises are in the midst of a revival, even as some of their long-standing entities are failing. This revival is part of an ebb and flow...
Open Co-ops: Inspiration, Legal Structure and Tools
this article originally appeared in Stir Magazine illustration by Daksheeta Pattni In 2002 I described United Diversity as “a member owned and stakeholder governed network of mutual advantage.” In truth, it was aspirational. At the time, the flexible...
Must hear trialogue: Bauwens, Restakis and Kleiner
UPDATE: The wonderful people over at Guerrilla Translation have now transcribed this must listen podcast into both Spanish and English.  I’ve pasted their English transcription below this post for good measure. Last night I finally got around to...
Open Co-ops - an idea whose time has come?
Back in 2004, Gary Alexander from the Open University, Tom Salfield and Josef Davies-Coates from United Diversity, and Oliver Sylvester-Bradley from Defacto Design together launched The Open Co-op. We described ourselves as a Co-operative Open Organisation. Ten...
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