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How the Digital Nomads of Social Media Squad Run a Distributed Co-Op
Alanna from Loomio met Romain Chanut at POC21, a 6 week innovation camp in France focused on open source hardware for sustainability. Romain was there with his “Do It Together”JerryCan – a low cost computer you can assemble from recycled materials. We...
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How Platform Coops Can Beat Death Stars Like Uber to Create a Real Sharing Economy
Image: The Battle of Yavin where the first Death Star was destroyed. Credit: Fanpop We have an epic choice before us between platform coops and Death Star platforms, and the time to decide is now. It might be the most important economic...
Cooperativa Integral Catalana as a living model of open cooperativism
Enric Duran of the Catalan Integrated Cooperative has taken the time to comment on Michel Bauwens’ recent article on Open Coops, contrasting Bauwens’ proposals with the practical realities already under way in the CIC’s own forward thinking cooperativist...
Let's discuss Open Co-ops and Commons on Discourse!
At a recent Solidarity Economy event hosted by Locality and organised by Pat Conaty, Robin Murray put a tenner on the table and encouraged others to join him in order that we can together create the first UK based member of RIPESS Europe, the European...
Owning is the New Sharing
By Nathan Schneider and originally published on Shareable Image from’s post, “Don’t Build a Better Mousetrap. Change the Business Model.” One chilly morning last winter, I reconnected with an...
Cooperatives' Uber Moment
Can Cooperatives Build Better Online Tools to Disrupt the Disrupters? by Nic Wistreich (and originally published on Grassroots Economic Organizing) Uberfication has become shorthand for many new concepts—from the sharing economy to any significantly...
Toward an Open Co-operativism
NOTE: when I first re-launched this blog is was because people like @edmayo1 and @mbauwens had started to talk about ‘Open Co-ops’.  Now even more people are getting in on the game, it’s fantastic! Also, big thanks are due to the wonderful...
Should Tech Companies That Derive All Their Value from Users Be Co-ops?
NOTE: This great article by @kirstystyles1 links to this website with the text “plenty of resources”, which is flattering (and would be true if the 50 or so draft posts I’ve got half-done were published), but where I’ve actually...
'Grunt Funds' are trending in startup circles
David Hodgson from Humingbird Labs had lunch with Citizen Code co-founder Noah Thorp, found out about the concept of ‘Grunt Funds of and then posted this very interesting article over at Bloomberg BusinessWeek about ‘Grunt Funds’ or...
The Case for a FairShares Model of Enterprise
The best thing about going to the Co-op Bank Crisis: Ways Foward for the Co-operative Movement conference organised by Co-operative Business Consultants was getting introduced to Rory Ridley-Duff by Mark Simmonds as someone else who is interested in multi-stakeholder...
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