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OPEN 2018 - The voice of the future
This little 1 min video highlights what to expect at OPEN 2018, the Platform Co-op conference on “Collaborative technology for the co-operative economy” – as told by the voice of the future… Please share!
Announcing OPEN 2018 - The Platform Co-op Conference
After an extremely successful event in February 2017 at Goldsmiths University The Open Co-op conference is back with a new line up and a new venue for 2018. This year, OPEN 2018, will be held at Conway Hall in Holborn, London, on the 26th and 27th of...
What would a Co-op Coin ICO look like?
Co-op coins are not a new concept but the days of trading locally minted coins for a pint of milk or a loaf of bread are long gone. Instead, the rising interest in digital currencies and rapid increase in the number of Initial Coin Offerings looks set...
"What happened to the future?" video from NY conference
This superb discussion about Platform Co-ops entitled “What happened to the future?” was the plenary at the recent event “The People’s Disruption” at the New School in New York on the 10th of November 2017. The panel session...
Belonging is a superpower - Patterns for decentralised organising
If you work in any type of co-op, or non-hierarchical group, with open and inclusive values and aspirations for horizontal management, this post is for you. It summarises a workshop from the founders of Loomio, at which they shared their distilled wisdom...
Inter-generational Collaborative Platforms
At OPEN 2017 one of the open space sessions which was proposed by Phil Carey focused on “Inter-generational Collaborative Platforms”. Here Phil explains what was discussed and the ‘call to action’ that developed from the session. We...
OPEN 2017: Platform Co-ops
Watch the videos from OPEN 2017 – The two day conference on Platform Co-ops, organised by The Open Co-op on the 16 – 17 February 2017. OPEN 2017 – Introduction Oliver Sylvester-Bradley introduces the OPEN 2017 – Platform Co-ops...
"Creating a financial model that benefits the many over the few" - A Q&A with Brianna Wettlaufer, CEO of Stocksy
Brianna Wettlaufer is the CEO and Co-founder of Stocksy, a platform co-op which offers a highly curated collection of royalty-free stock photography and video footage. In the run-up to OPEN 2017, where Brianna will be speaking, Oliver Sylvester-Bradley...
Book review - Ours to Hack and Own
If you’ve ever wondered about how a new, collaborative, sustainable, democratic economy might work the new book ‘Ours to Hack and Own – The rise of platform cooperativism, a new vision for the future of work and a fairer internet‘,...
John McDonnell on enabling mass participation to create a democratic economy
In this mini video the Rt Hon John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, speaks about Labour’s thoughts on enabling mass participation to create a democratic economy. We’ve never hear an UK MP speak so candidly about utilising...

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