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Not a Co-op? Not a Platform Co-op!
Last month Shareable wrote a great article entitled “11 Platform Cooperatives Creating a Real Sharing Economy“.   It’s a really nice list of projects who are all moving in the right direction (i.e. toward greater sharing of ownership...
Open Value Networks
Open Value Networks are very similar to Bettermeans’ Open Enterprise ideas and variously described as “people creating value together, by contributing work, money and goods, and sharing the income”  a “framework for many-to-many...
Podcast: The Internet of Ownership
Originally published on 3CR Community Radio A podcast on The Internet of Ownership and Platform Co-ops with Nathan Schneider and others: Download MP3 Rising...
Audio: The dark side of the sharing economy
Image: Shareable Originally published on ABC Radio National Life Matters Show   Are you part of the virtual sharing economy? Do you drive an Uber, use Airbnb or make videos...
Platform Cooperatives and Beyond: The Future of Collaborative Governance?
A video from OuiShare Fest 2016 Speakers: Marc-David Choukran (La Ruche Qui Dit Oui) Yassir Fichtali (Up Group) Nathan Schneider (Platform Cooperativism) Moderator: Marguerite Grandjean (OuiShare)
Co-operatives aren't co-operatives unless they co-operate with each other
This article was originally published on Imperica High-tech tools of exploitation are being repurposed to build a fairer economy. The digital platforms that have become the connective tissue of our lives – the likes of Airbnb and Google –...
Outlandish - Platform Co-ops event
Saturday night is not the time most people chose to meet to discuss disrupting democracy.  But that’s what happened at the Platform Co-ops event in London on the 21st of May 2016. Whilst most of Brick Lane was quaffing vast quantities of craft beer...
Ben Knight
Self-Organizing Community Democracy for the Internet Age
A nice talk by Loomio‘s Ben Knight at the 2015 Bioneers Annual Conference Emerging in response to the need for a scalable way to make inclusive group decisions during the Occupy movement in 2011, Loomio, an activist-driven tech co-op, developed...
platform cooperatives trebor scholtz
Platform Cooperativism: Challenging the Corporate Sharing Economy
The “sharing economy” wasn’t supposed to be this way. Aided by the tiny computers most of us carry with us all day, every day, we would be free from the burdens of ownership and making money in our spare time by renting out our unused possessions. The...
How the Digital Nomads of Social Media Squad Run a Distributed Co-Op
Alanna from Loomio met Romain Chanut at POC21, a 6 week innovation camp in France focused on open source hardware for sustainability. Romain was there with his “Do It Together”JerryCan – a low cost computer you can assemble from recycled materials. We...
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