VIDEO: OPEN 2020 Introduction

OPEN 2020 is a collaborative online event for anyone that is interested in creating a world which places people and planet before profit.

In this introductory session we set the context of the event and use polls to gather feedback from attendees about their views, objectives and motivations. We cover:

  • What is The Open Co-op – and what are the aims of OPEN 2020?
  • An overview of our approach to answering the calling question:

How can we enable small groups to form, exchange ideas, define shared purposes, to collaborate effectively, and trade – within a global network of like minded commons building initiatives?

We also hear updates from Indra Adnan of the Alternative UK and Francesca Pick of Greaterthan, Cobudget, Ouishare and Enspiral as part of our work to connect the dots and encourage greater collaboration and coordination throughout the decentralised network of commons building initiatives.

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