OPEN 2020 Webinar – Vocdoni as an engagement tool for cooperatives

In this webinar we hear from Ferran Reyes of Vocdoni.

Vocdoni is a FLOSS project building a privacy-centric platform for digital governance using digital voting with maximum guarantees of anonymity, and a toolset to manage the relationship of organizations and their social base.

It allows us to increase the engagement of any social economy organization as it makes participation easy, from mobile devices and with an intuitive interface to reduce the digital gap. This triggers not only the most active part of the social base but also the remaining 80%, from low-profile active members to passive members.

There are many cases where vocdoni can be useful, from organizing the annual general meetings of a multi-stakeholder co-op, to develop better strategies in a consumer co-op using low-profile participation, signaling and crowdsourcing or build effective communication with its customers and community for a workers’ co-op.

In addition to the voting system, it counts with a user-centric identity architecture (self-sovereign identity), a reliable news system, a census manager, as well as other developments on the roadmap related to financial and data management, GDPR compliant by default.

See the presentation and shared notes from the webinar.

Join us for more discussions about engagement and co-creation on the 11th and 12th June at OPEN 2020.

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