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OPEN 2019: Catalysing collaboration at scale
The OPEN 2019 Community Gathering took place on the 27th and 28th of June in the event space at Tech City College. We changed the venue shortly before the event to support the boycott of the University of London in solidarity with their workers as The...
Co-op Workers bursaries to attend OPEN 2019
The Solidfund is offering members of worker co-ops bursaries to cover the costs of travel and tickets to the OPEN 2019 Community Gathering in London next week. Solidfund is an excellent initiative which supports workers to own and control their own livelihoods....
Paul Mason joins the OPEN 2019 Gathering
The Open Co-op is proud to announce Paul Mason will be attending at OPEN 2019. Paul wrote the important and extremely timely book ‘PostCapitalism’ in 2015 and has recently published ‘Clear Bright Future: A radical defence of the human being’. He is a...
Defining a shared purpose for the progressive movement
*In this article I use the term ‘progressive movement’ to mean all the people and organisations that are working, or would like to work, on creating a world in which people and planet come before profit. If the term does not sit comfortably with you please...
OPEN 2019 joins IWGB boycott of University of London in solidarity with workers
The exploitation of temporary, freelance and out-sourced workers is a serious issue. As companies get bigger and more powerful, and operate through platforms which distance them from their stakeholders it is getting easier for them to abuse their workers. This...
OPEN 2019 - Lightning talks - Solutions for the regenerative economy
The Following talks took place at OPEN 2019 where The Open Co-op community tackled the calling question: How can we support each other to take more effective action to catalyse the collaborative, regenerative economy? Cooperation among Cooperatives:...
The Key Themes of Collaboration
Having re-watched the webinar on Catalysing Collaboration at Scale I wondered if it might be possible to identify some of the key themes of collaboration. Truly effective, synergistic, collaboration is an elusive beast at the best of times and the idea...
Defining the DNA of collaboration
As a species, human beings are barely more intelligent than kindergarten kids. We revel at our place at the top of the food chain, and praise our technological ingenuity but, let’s face it, we’ve barely begun to work life out. We’ve created one directional...
OPEN 2018 podcast – When communities of practice meet the collaborative economy
Below is a recording of a session from the OPEN 2018 conference about “When communities of practice meet the collaborative economy” featuring Dr Laura James, Mark Walton, Kate Swade, and Wouter Tebbens, presented by the inimitable Bernie from...
OPEN 2018 podcast – The BIG Questions: Tech, Power and Society
Below is a recording of a session from the OPEN 2018 conference on “The BIG Questions: Tech, Power and Society” featuring Jaya Klara Brekke, Nathan Schneider, Duncan McCann, presented by the inimitable Bernie from OuishareRadio. In this session...

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