VIDEO: OPEN 2020 – Coordination in decentralised networks

There are hundreds of thousands of groups and communities working on building a new economy, but no centralised control or coordination system – after all, that’s the whole point of a decentralised network, there shouldn’t be any central ‘nodes’!

But because our projects are decentralised it’s often hard to find other people and organisations working on similar ideas… which means we often end up tackling the same problems in isolation.

Recognising that centralised maps and directories will not help, and that projects and communities will continue to use a range of different tools and platforms for their work, it is clear we need a decentralised and interoperable way to coordinate our efforts.

This session introduces the concept of protocols, and as a method to coordinate the vast diversity within our decentralised movement – and explains how projects, working groups and communities can benefit from increased exposure by installing one simple file on their websites.

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See the notes and chat from the session as PDF or HTML.

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