Video: OPEN 2020 – Mutual credit deep dive

Although Mutual Credit has a strong pedigree, both theoretical and practical, it cannot be said to have ‘moved the needle’ in terms of the world economy.

If we believe that mutual credit is important, that it holds a promise of deep systemic change to the incentives that dictate what sort of economy we can have, then we need to understand the reasons for this lack of wider impact.

This session assumes a certain degree of knowledge about mutual credit which was explained in the introduction to mutual credit.

In this session Grace Rachmany chairs a discussion with Enric Duran of Faircoin, Giuseppe Littera of Sardex, Ferananda from Commons Engine, Sue Bell, Mary Fee, Matthew Slater from Credit Commons and Dil Green from the UK’s Open Credit Network.

See the notes from the session as a PDF or HTML

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