OPEN 2020 Aggregating the decentralised commons

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Building on the introduction to the Murmurations protocol from the first day, this session will explore the benefits and possibilities of data aggregation within decentralised networks.
From sector specific maps, to customised filterable directories and aggregators we will discuss the best ways to encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas, and shared-learning within a network of commons building initiatives.
We need your ideas, your input and inspiration to help inform the next generation of user driven, agent centric, decentralised coordination architecture!
Join us to learn more, ask questions and get set up as an inter-connected part of the decentralised economy.

Session plan:

Demo of an example Aggregator
Example - finding a working that have already solved your problem 
Discussion about the potential of Murmurations

Breakout topics

1.  Using Murmurations in your network -- How to add the json file to your site?  

2. Building custom schemas -- how can Murmurations be extended for particular use cases?

Join the flock:

If you would like to use Murmurations to host an aggregator / map or directory on your site, or are interested in helping to build on the Murmurations protocol  please add your URL / contact info here and we will get in touch after the conference.



Recommend reaching out to The Internet of Ownership because they maintain If we got all those indexed to use Murmurations, that could add to the "critical mass".
Lots of coops are distributed all over & won't have one "location". Is this field required? On the map could you have a number displaying the number of remote coops?

Murmurations White Paper:

Coorination in decentralised networks 

There's a WordPress plugin to generate this or other methods to generate the json.  a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create,    maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the    Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond. 

Martin Dow: am drawn to Aral Balkan's call to support "stayups not startups" (to avoid Slavery2.0):

Solidarity Economy Association

Sam Peters:

To install Murmurations:

  1. Download this Plugin:
  2. As Admin in wordpress go to Plugins > Upload > Activate Plugin
  3. In the nav bar, select Murmurations (find it in the Settings screen) or go to the url: [Your doman]/wp-admin/admin.php?page=murmurations
  4. Fill in the metadata
  5. Publish
  6. See your site on,

Revenue model:
    * keys, pay for use if outside the solidarity economy
    Links to openEHR and method of handling interoperability in healthcare
    Max dataset with constraints v min datasets with extensions
    (please contact if any Q)

[15:55] Oliver Sylvester-Bradley :
[15:55] Oliver Sylvester-Bradley :
[15:56] Derek Caelin : Is the plan to publish this in the WordPress plugins directory?
[15:56] Grace : I can do that.
[15:57] Derek Caelin : Awesome!
[15:59] Oliver Sylvester-Bradley : wp-admin/admin.php?page=murmurations
[16:04] Diana Finch : I've just added murmurations!!
[16:05] Oliver Sylvester-Bradley :
[16:06] Diana Finch : I was busy adding the plugin and missed the setting it up bit... can you talk me through it again?
[16:07] Martin Dow : The Murmurati
[16:07] Derek Caelin : @diana I wrote a tutorial as best I could in the notes:
[16:07] Grace : That was fun. We are planning on adding a blog soon.
[16:07] Sam Peters : this is the url right?
[16:08] Les : @Martin    haha!
[16:08] Martin Dow : @Grace - I am planning on adding a website soon too
[16:09] Diana Finch : I'm on it!! :)
[16:10] Oliver Sylvester-Bradley :
[16:10] Grace : Sam may be my nextdoor neighbor on the longitute/latitude
[16:10] Martin Dow : @osb It was John.
[16:11] Renata Ballesteros : Oliver, for sites in Spanish, are there any issues with the tags?
[16:11] Grace : 2-3 isn't bad for half an hour's work
[16:12] Grace : To take yourself out, I'm assuming you just deactivate the plugin. Doesn't seem like a lot of damage will be done by trying it out.
[16:13] Derek Caelin : Is Murmurations JUST for coops? Or are you hoping that this becomes a global standard for organizations to participate in directories?
[16:14] Derek Caelin : What has the thinking been around moderation, or accounting for bad actors?
[16:15] Diana Finch : If it's just for coops, I'll deactivate!
[16:15] Diana Finch : At the moment we're a CIC but the new org for Bristol Pay is likely to be a CBS
[16:16] Grace : It had a "social enterprise" category, which I used, because I'm not a coop
[16:16] Susannah Browning : I can foresee mapped real time situational awareness tech  from neolib sources and have viewed it as necessary to build on alternative. In both geographical terms and networks of interest..
[16:17] Sam Peters : does murmurations have an open collective?
[16:17] Derek Caelin : Got it:
[16:18] Derek Caelin : I think looking at open protocol social media might be interesting
[16:18] Grace : Taking turns at moderation like jury duty is one of the ways that provides fairness and a good way of sharing the work and also creating collective intelligence
[16:18] Derek Caelin : In Mastodon (open platform, open protocol social network) each "instance" can moderate their own views of the broader social network. People can also share moderation lists.
[16:19] Sam Peters : since all podcasts syndicate via RSS, I'd love to make a podcast-specific index for left-leaning podcasts to help build out that network
[16:19] Sam Peters : index and aggregator
[16:20] Oliver Sylvester-Bradley : @sam
[16:20] Martin Dow : @Derek I am interested in this point.
[16:20] Sam Peters : +1 to grace's idea
[16:20] Derek Caelin : @martin I'm writing a research article on this, I'd be happy to share the draft
[16:21] Martin Dow : @Grace , yes, good, commitment.
[16:21] Martin Dow : @Derek - thanks - I am !
[16:21] Sam Peters : @derek i'm also interested in this draft