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PLANET Pioneers
The Open Co-op was founded in 2004 and has a long history of organising events and running projects to help
catalysing collaboration at scale
In his brilliant book, How The World Really Works, Vaclav Smil concludes: …of all the risks we face, global climate
Google scans your email
Have you ever considered how much information Google harvests about you? Google creates ‘shadow profiles’ of every user by tracking,
The conventional funding model, in which grant making bodies hand out six figure sums to qualifying organizations, is broken. At
Business as usual is unsustainable. Capitalism has legitimised the externalisation of various ‘costs’ to such an extent that it has
Artists in every field want to collaborate with each other and with their own community-supporting audiences. But trusted collaboration without
By definition our government should be decent. But it is not. Being decent requires ‘conforming with generally accepted standards of
OPEN 2020 took place entirely online over two days of talks and discussions and even some poetry - the videos
Bristol pay
This webinar starts with a presentation of the history of the Bristol Pound and the learnings gained from running the
OPEN 2020 was run using an open source video tool, managed by a new platform co-op, meet.coop. But how should
Although Mutual Credit has a strong pedigree, both theoretical and practical, it cannot be said to have ‘moved the needle’
Watch the Introduction to day 2 and discussion with Esther Foreman from the The Social Change Agency. Esther and team
At the end of Day 1 of OPEN 2020 - after 6 hours of focused discussion about co-creating the collaborative
During this session we hear from Iris Schönherr about the amazing Every One Every Day project they have been running in Barking
There are hundreds of thousands of groups and communities working on building a new economy, but no centralised control or
Every group, project or community needs digital tools to enable collaboration. But which tools should we choose? This is the
What is mutual credit? How does it work? How can we enable local mutual credit networks and transition away from
“Throughout history, problems have arisen when the language used to represent reality fails to meet the needs and aspirations of