"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Buckminster Fuller

The new model, for a collaborative, regenerative economy, requires:

New ownership

to provide equitable access to the organisations and resources we rely on.

We advocate for cooperative ownership and multi-stakeholder platform co-ops.

New economic

to provide appropriate ways to measure, store and exchange value.

We advocate for locally-led economies, involving new currencies and mutual-credit.

New governance structures

to provide democratic methods to steward our collective endeavours.

We advocate for everyone to have a say in the decisions by which they are affected.

plus, in order to succeed,
THESE new systems need to be underpinned by

A new narrative

to replace the ‘money rules all’ mentality

We advocate a new world view based on a new ontology – a set of principles, or assumptions, about how the world works and the fundamental nature of reality.

All of the components of these new systems already exist.

The Open Co-op community, and hundreds of other networks, are already developing complimentary parts of the collaborative, regenerative economy.

Our Projects include:

commons infrastructure:

Open Web Systems

Open Web Systems

Open source, co-owned, surveillance free email, office and collaborative tools powered by renewable energy.

Online meeting and conferencing tools, powered by renewable energy running on cooperatively owned infrastructure.

network coordination:


A new way to build and manage interoperable directories and maps via decentralised profiles.

Co-op Data Club

Co-op Data Club

A growing network of cooperatives which support other cooperatives through cross-promotion.


Economic Rebellion

Economic Rebellion

Awareness raising project which highlights the work of Fuller and Riegel to promote our most powerful tool for change: MONEY.

Open Credit Network

An open source directory, matching, notification and accounting system for mutual credit payments.

But, in order to collaborate effectively at scale humanity requires a decentralised coordination system to manage our collective endeavours.

We are working towards this goal via a concept we call...