we promote new forms of ownership

The Open Co-op is working to create, test and promote new ownership models, which provide equitable access to the organisations and resources we rely on. We have organised several events on Platform Co-ops, which provide a blue-print for a new type of business that is owned and managed by its members.

Our two main projects in this area are Open Web Systems and Meet.coop which provide collectively-owned, surveillance-free, open source tools for collaboration.

Open Web Systems

Open source email, messaging and collaborative tools powered by renewable energy.

Open source meeting and conferencing tools,
powered by renewable energy

Read more about our work on ownership in the posts below:

A Co-operative Privacy and Trust system for digital dignity
Artists in every field want to collaborate with each other and with their own community-supporting audiences. But trusted collaboration without face to face interaction is difficult. Many of us let the major corporate social platforms manage the majority...
OPEN 2020: Networked Commons Initiatives
OPEN 2020 took place entirely online over two days of talks and discussions and even some poetry – the videos are below in chronological order. You can also view them in the OPEN 2020 playlist on our YouTube channel – which includes all the...
OPEN 2020 Webinar – Holochain
In this webinar we hear from Grace Rachmany, Hedayat Abedijoo and Guillem Cordoba about Holochain. Holochain enables a distributed web with user autonomy built directly into its architecture and protocols. Distributing the storage and processing of data...
OPEN 2020 Webinar – SourceCred
Inn this OPEN 2020 Webinar we hear from Dandelion Mane at SourceCred and discuss how we can reward collaboration. SourceCred is building a new way measure and reward value. They are building new kinds of communities: open-source projects in which anyone...
Scaling platform co-ops - lessons from Resonate.is
In the lead up to OPEN 2020 we spoke to Nick Meyne from Resonate, the community-owned music network. OSB: How are things going at Resonate? Is Peter Harris who spoke at OPEN 2018 still with you? NM: Peter is very much still here, but after nearly 5 years,...
OPEN 2020 Webinar – DisCos & Guerrilla Translation
Watch the first intro webinar of OPEN 2020 with Stacco Troncoso and colleagues from Guerrilla Media Collective discussing DisCos, Distributed Cooperative Organizations. The DisCO (read all about it in the DisCO Manifesto) takes a friendly but carefully...
Decentralizing power and value using blockchain
In the run up to OPEN 2020, which will now be an online event, we caught up with Samer Hassan from P2P Models, where they are investigating decentralizing power and value to deliver the collaborative economy using blockchain. OSB: What’s the latest news...
Charge My Street - platform co-op seeking investment
The following blog is a guest post from Daniel Heery, from Charge My Street – a platform co-op that installs and operates community chargepoints for electric vehicles, which is currently raising money through community shares. An the first Open...
Introducing Fairbnb.coop - Q&A with Damiano Avellino
The main challenge we need to solve in the platform co-op community is how to reach critical mass… and how to pass users from one platform to another. Fairbnb.coop is a platform co-op whose name precedes it. Everyone’s heard of the venture-capital-backed...
Introducing The Democracy Collaborative - Q&A with Sarah McKinley
I see a real need for “scaled connectivity” to advance our work as part of a viable ecosystem. In the run up to OPEN 2020 in London in June, we interviewed Sarah, Mckinley, Director for European Programs for The Democracy Collaborative and the European...
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