we promote Economic change

The Open Co-op is working to create new economic systems which provide appropriate ways to measure, store and exchange value. Our projects aim to highlight the solutions, and develop the tools, to power alternative economies.

Our two main projects in this area are Economic Rebellion and The Open Credit Network.

Economic Rebellion

Awareness raising project highlighting the work of Fuller and Riegel to promote our most powerful tool for change, money.

A UK network and open source directory, matching and notification system for mutual credit payments.

Read more about our work on economics in the posts below:

Book review - Ours to Hack and Own
If you’ve ever wondered about how a new, collaborative, sustainable, democratic economy might work the new book ‘Ours to Hack and Own – The rise of platform cooperativism, a new vision for the future of work and a fairer internet‘,...
PLANET - An open source operating system for a collaborative, sustainable economy
The following post presents a vision of an open source operating system, which we at The Open Co-op believe would help create a collaborative, sustainable economy. See the video at the end of this post for an introduction to the concepts and ideas behind...
The murmurations of a collaborative, sustainable economy
In 2010, when Transition Towns started growing into the hundreds in the UK, with another 250 worldwide, it felt like something was really happening. Like ‘the people’ might me about to start taking control of their town’s futures. When...
Audio: The dark side of the sharing economy
Image: Shareable Originally published on ABC Radio National Life Matters Show   Are you part of the virtual sharing economy? Do you drive an Uber, use Airbnb or make videos...
Owning is the New Sharing
By Nathan Schneider and originally published on Shareable Image from OpenSource.com’s post, “Don’t Build a Better Mousetrap. Change the Business Model.” One chilly morning last winter, I reconnected with an...
The Case for a FairShares Model of Enterprise
The best thing about going to the Co-op Bank Crisis: Ways Foward for the Co-operative Movement conference organised by Co-operative Business Consultants was getting introduced to Rory Ridley-Duff by Mark Simmonds as someone else who is interested in multi-stakeholder...