we promote Economic change

The Open Co-op is working to create new economic systems which provide appropriate ways to measure, store and exchange value. Our projects aim to highlight the solutions, and develop the tools, to power alternative economies.

Our two main projects in this area are Economic Rebellion and The Open Credit Network.

Economic Rebellion

Awareness raising project highlighting the work of Fuller and Riegel to promote our most powerful tool for change, money.

A UK network and open source directory, matching and notification system for mutual credit payments.

Read more about our work on economics in the posts below:

OPEN 2018 Videos - Main Hall sessions
OPEN 2018 – Welcome and reflections from day 1 Oliver Sylvester-Bradley provides an explanation of platform co-ops and a few thoughts from Day 1. OPEN 2018 – A shared social vision Gary Alexander presents ‘A shared social vision’ including...
OPEN 2018 - Questions
Here’s the list of questions that were asked via Slido at OPEN 2018 on the Main Stage… a lot of them were answered (see the videos and collaborative notes), but a lot were not, so if you want to chip in and answer any of them feel free to...
OPEN 2018 Videos - Workshop Space sessions
DAY 1 The workshop space at OPEN 2018 featured a range of session covering many different projects and approaches to building a more collaborative, cooperative future. We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who contributed and especially...
OPEN 2018 Videos - Open Space sessions
DAY 1 The Open Space sessions at OPEN 2018 were a chance for attendees to put forward their own discussion topics. People put forward proposals on Loomio in the run-up to the event, others voted and the most popular sessions took place over the two days...
RChain - a blockchain 3.0 framework for 'glocal' cooperation
In the run up to OPEN 2018, Oliver Sylvester-Bradley from The Open Co-op interviews Claire Tolan, a developer at Resonate, the music streaming co-op, about RChain, a new framework for scalable blockchain applications, which aims to enable ‘glocal’...
Holochain - The commons engine for cooperation at scale
This article is the second part of our interview with Matthew Schutte, Communications Director at Holochain, which covers their plans to build a “Commons engine” to help provide co-ops with the tools they need to communicate, coordinate and...
Holochain - the perfect framework for decentralised cooperation at scale
Holochain is a new technology project with huge potential for the cooperative economy. Members of The Open Co-op have been promoting the idea that new software could, potentially, revolutionise both our failing democracies and our predatory capitalist...
Hullcoin: can blockchain unlock the hidden value in Hull’s economy?
It might come as a surprise – but something innovative is happening in Hull. Hull is one of those cities, like Swindon and Slough, that’s long been the butt of jokes – like the one about the guy that typed ‘Hell’ instead of ‘Hull’ into his Sat-Nav, but...
What would a Co-op Coin ICO look like?
Co-op coins are not a new concept but the days of trading locally minted coins for a pint of milk or a loaf of bread are long gone. Instead, the rising interest in digital currencies and rapid increase in the number of Initial Coin Offerings looks set...
"Creating a financial model that benefits the many over the few" - A Q&A with Brianna Wettlaufer, CEO of Stocksy
Brianna Wettlaufer is the CEO and Co-founder of Stocksy, a platform co-op which offers a highly curated collection of royalty-free stock photography and video footage. In the run-up to OPEN 2017, where Brianna will be speaking, Oliver Sylvester-Bradley...