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We’re very open to collaboration.

Join The Open Co-op Loomio Group to chat with over 250 cooperators about the collaborative networks that are emerging at the intersection of the commons, collaborative tech, platform co-ops and decentralized governance.

Working Groups

We have five key projects which we are actively working on and welcome you to join.

We use Telegram for chat, Zoom for calls and Google docs for notes and planning. (We’ve chosen to use these tools until The Co-op Cloud working group set us up with open source tools with the same level of usability – in order to be as effective and inclusive as possible).

The Murmurations Protocol:


To encourage collaboration on, and the use of, an open protocol to enable better maps, directories and aggregators.

Visit the Murmurations website for more detail.


View the working docs  Join the Working Group


The Open Credit Network


To build a trust-based, democratically governed UK mutual credit system as a model that can be replicated to catalyse the growth of a global collaborative economy that nourishes people and planet.

The Open Credit Network evolved out of OPEN 2018 and our previous work on ideas for a Co-op Coin.

The objective of the project is to build a cooperative UK mutual credit network which is owned and managed by its members. We recognise it’s an ambitious plan but hope that by using open source software and cooperative governance we might just succeed where others have failed.

Visit the Open Credit Network for more details. If you’re interested in joining we would love to hear from you

View the working docs  Join the Working Group


A new ontology:

[DRAFT] Purpose:

To curate an evolving reference point, in which the principles, values, concepts and terms of the commons economy can be defined and linked together for the benefit of newcomers and those already working to build the commons.

In a previous iteration of this project we ran an investigation to “develop some assumptions about the nature of human behaviour, reality and existence that serve as the intellectual foundations of our worldview“, which you can read about in our blog on The changing narrative – A new ontology for the progressive movement?

We have also discussed Defining a shared purpose for the progressive movement which relates to the ontology work and there’s a bunch of background in the working doc from 2018.

We need more collaborators for this project!
If you would like to help co-create the shared purpose for this working group sign up to The Open Co-op Loomio and join the discussion.

OPEN Events

If you’re running an event that encourages a world in which people and planet come before profit please add it to the OPEN events calendar.

We have run several events since 2017, including the latest OPEN 2020 online conference.
If you are interested in collaborating on an event please get in touch.

The Co-op Cloud Project:


To build a suite of open source tools which chat groups and working groups can use to collaborate at scale.

See the 2018 working doc

This project is currently assessing the viability of establishing an Open Co-op Nextcloud setup in collaboration with and other tools via Please join us at OPEN 2020 to hear the latest news and get in touch if you would like to collaborate on this project.