OPEN 2020 Webinar – SourceCred

Inn this OPEN 2020 Webinar we hear from Dandelion Mane at SourceCred and discuss how we can reward collaboration.

SourceCred is building a new way measure and reward value. They are building new kinds of communities: open-source projects in which anyone can contribute, and everyone can get paid.
At its core, SourceCred is an algorithm that measures the value of a contribution, and an economic system that rewards people whose contributions were valuable. In this way, they enable any community to pay every participant in proportion to the value they bring, without needing interviews or employment contracts. The system is extremely flexible, and can reward all kinds of work from hard skills to design or development, to softer-but-no-less-important contributions like emotional labor or team-building.
They’re experimenting by dogfooding SourceCred within SourceCred’s own community, and will talk about their experiences of paying open-source contributors according to the SourceCred algorithm. SourceCred is also being used by enterprising cryptocurrency projects. In the long run, a system like SourceCred could work for everyone – enabling open communities that recognize and reward all contributors.

Check out the shared notes from the webinar too.

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