Mutual credit – an alternative to the extractive economy

One of our key projects at The Open Co-op is The Open Credit Network, which evolved out of OPEN 2018 and our previous work on ideas for a co-op coin.

Having tested a proof-of-concept and visited Sardex, a successful mutual credit network in Sardinia, we have now developed a bespoke directory and accounting system to enable UK businesses to trade via mutual credit. The software will soon be released as an open-source repository on Git Hub making it freely available for others to install and run in their countries and communities.

It’s been a while in the making but, we are extremely proud to now be able to invite UK businesses to become the first movers in a new, collaborative economy. Businesses can now join the network and become co-owners of The Open Credit Network.

As soon as you add your offers and wants to the directory, the software will automatically proposes new suppliers and customers for you, helping you grow your business. We’re not aware of another directory which works in this way and have already had some great feedback.

As part of our Alpha launch we are offering the first 350 businesses to join free membership forever, including access to interest-free credit for incorporated businesses. You’ll also get your business name listed in the masthead so you will always be recognised as one of the first-movers that helped kick-start the new economy.


The Open Credit Network directory automatically suggest new customers and supplier which match your offers and wants.

What’s so great about mutual credit?

Mutual credit is a tried and tested method of trading which provides interest free credit, avoids bank charges, provides greater liquidity, avoids discounting and saves cash for essential purchases – find out more about the benefits of mutual credit.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how money that is created as interest-bearing debt demands the economy grows year on year. Conventional money and its growth imperative are the root causes of the environmental crisis, and a lot of other systemic problems too!

So we’re offering a new way to trade, outside of the existing money system. It’s fairer, more sustainable, more ethical and more cooperative – but it won’t work without YOU!


The Open Credit Network accounting system
The Open Credit Network accounting system provides access to secure, interest-free credit enabling you to trade outside of the extractive economy.

Why should I sign up?

As well as providing access to interest free credit, The Open Credit Network is an active step towards a more collaborative, trust-based economy, which puts people back in control of money.

To help your business benefit from the Network we will work proactively to help you find new customers and suppliers, by manually searching for matches for you and speaking to you about your business needs. This service is completely free! Plus, as The Open Credit Network is a cooperative, you’ll have a real say in the governance of the organisation and key business decisions as the network evolves.

If you have any questions check out the FAQ, read more about our mission, progress and roadmap, or ask us directly. We’re super keen on feedback because it all helps us improve.

If you know a business that might be interested in getting access to interest-free credit please share the news and if you run a business sign up to the directory for FREE and become part of the new, collaborative economy.

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