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The Open Space sessions at OPEN 2018 were a chance for attendees to put forward their own discussion topics. People put forward proposals on Loomio in the run-up to the event, others voted and the most popular sessions took place over the two days of the event.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who came and got involved, and Simon Borkin, David Bent and Alice Casey for facilitating.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of the topics discussed please leave a comment below, join in the online discussions and collaborations or contact us directly.

OPEN 2018 – Workshop: Everyday participation with Iris Schönherr

In this workshop Iris guides participants through the Seven Modes of Everyday Participation, with case study examples and idea generation prompts, to help participants work out how to harness Everyday Participation at their organisations – with customers, workers or both – by offering them simple but significant ways to contribute on a day-to-day basis.

People made great notes from this session and you can also download the slides.

OPEN 2018 – Open Space: Cooperation as a Service with Graham Mitchell

Graham Mitchell ( and invites participants to discuss the potential for the platform cooperative model in the world of Free/Libre Open Source Software and beyond.

OPEN 2018 – Open Space: Faircoop

Participants of the FairCoop ecosystem discuss this international movement for social change, cooperatively developing a self-managed and supportive autonomous ecosystem of ‘commons’ infrastructure, specifically designed as open source tools for social, economic & ecological adaptation.

OPEN 2018 – Open Space: A buying platform for social enterprises and co-ops – Amin Saleem

Amin Saleem presents his work on creating a buying platform for social enterprises and co-ops as well as the open source development platform

OPEN 2018 – Open Space: Contributive tokens for a generative economy – Phil Honigman

How can cooperative governance be used to fund the commons? Phil presents the potential of contributive tokens for a generative economy, and will invite participants to challenge the multi-stakeholder governance model we envisioned for distributing funding.


OPEN 2018: Solving the crisis of the gig economy

Lieza Dessein, Strategic project manager at SMart Coop and Alex Bird, Chair of Co-operatives and Mutuals Wales, together with Danny Spitzberg, Technology Strategist at CoLab and Alice Casey from Nesta, discuss the problems of today’s “gig economy”; highlighting the work of freelancers co-ops like SMart and the findings of the report ‘Working Together: Trade Union and Co-operative Innovations for Precarious Work’ including eight innovation solutions for the sector.

OPEN 2018 – Open Space: Federated APIs for cooperation – Hugh Barnard

Hugh introduces federated APIs for cooperation and the ‘problem’ of value exchange in federation coop networks.

OPEN 2018 – Open Space: Building a co-op cloud – Wouter tebbens

Wouter Tebbens and other participants from the “co-op cloud” session continue discussions about how to build practical, replicable work tools using existing open source solutions.

OPEN 2018 – Open Space: Platform 6 – Crowdsourcing coop startups

Mark Simmonds and Graham Mitchell, co-founders of Platform 6, set out the current state of play for this new platform co-op, invite you to join and co-design the future of cooperative development.

OPEN 2018 – Open Space: Building an electric car sharing coop – Lucie Evers

Partago is an Flemish Electric Car Sharing coop and is involved in creating a European Platform Coop called The Mobility Factory. TMF will be founded in fall and the founders will be other citizens coops, amongst them Som Mobilitat in Barcelona, Spain, whether in electric car sharing or renewable energy.

OPEN 2018 – Open Space: Open App Ecosystem – Danyl Strype

Open App Ecosystem / Collaborative Technology Alliance get together – A discussion between people who are part of the Open App Ecosystem group on Loomio, or anyone who works on open source apps that could be part of a larger collaborative suite (like Loomio, MetaMaps, Discourse, Mastodon, GitLab etc) or ), or anyone who works on open source platforms that sets of apps can run on (like Sandstorm or Cloudron), or anyone who works with hosting collectives / cooperatives that build collaborative suites from open source apps and platforms (like RiseUp, FramaSoft,, Disroot etc).


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