Open Co-ops – an idea whose time has come?


Back in 2004, Gary Alexander from the Open University, Tom Salfield and Josef Davies-Coates from United Diversity, and Oliver Sylvester-Bradley from Defacto Design together launched The Open Co-op.

We described ourselves as a Co-operative Open Organisation.

Ten years on and everyone seems to be getting in on the act:

Ed Mayo‘s Number 1 trend for co-operatives in 2014 is:

“The emergence of ‘open co-operative’ models”

Similarly, Michel Bauwens ends his reflections on 2013 by mentioning the P2P Foundation‘s

“strategic priority around open cooperativism

It sounds to me like the time for Open Co-ops has (finally) come!

With this in mind I’ve start this blog using The Open Co-op’s old domain in hope it becomes the focal point of this emerging movement.

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